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10 Value Spinner

You never know when you are going to need a 10 value spinner. Or perhaps, you need one right now. If that’s the case, you are in luck, because I have some samples of 10 value spinners that you can use. I am sure you can use any one of these value spinners for whatever you want: from a fun event to a giveaway, there are simply so many things you can do.

What is a 10 value spinner?

A 10 value spinner is a wheel that you can rotate to choose something written on the wheel at random. Usually, you can write anything you want on the spinner, but this time we are only talking about 10 value spinner. Meaning that on the wheel, there are 10 options that can happen after the wheel stops rotating.

So from numbers 1 to 10, with each number representing a column, there is one option in each number. It is up to you to write what you want on all 10 columns. For example, if you are organizing a giveaway with 10 potential winners, you can simply write everyone’s name in each column.

Besides a wheel, a value spinner needs a pointer and a stand. The pointer represents the picking finger, which determines the chosen column. You can’t have a value spinner without a pointer, otherwise, you won’t know which column is chosen. And the stand is simply the foundation that holds the spinner up. Just make sure it is sturdy enough while the wheel is spinning.

Don’t forget to make it, so the wheel can rotate easily. This way, the spinner will look more interesting, and more people will be engaged with it. And one more thing you can do is install some separators for each column. You can do this by sticking needles on the edges of each column. If you want to do it this way, don’t forget to make the pointer flexible with a rubber band or something else.

Once everything is put together, you can then spin the wheel. It starts rotating and stops at a random number or column. The pointer indicates the number or column chosen for the spin. Spin hard to make the wheel rotates longer.

Some samples of 10 value spinners

Here are some samples that I promised you. Feel free to print these samples and paste them on your own wheel.

10 Value Spinner
10 Value Spinner-2
10 Value Spinner-3

If you know how to use photo editing software, you can edit these images however you want. Perhaps you want to use different colors or fonts, or you want a bigger wheel for more columns.

Another alternative is to use online spinners that you can find on the internet to promote your business. These spinners are free to use, and you can edit the wheel however you want, although you may encounter some limitations. But doing it this way is still much easier, since you don’t need to print and create the wheel yourself.

So how are you going to use your 10 value spinner?

A 10 value spinner can be used for various purposes. Whether it is for fun events, educational, or simply for fun, a value spinner can make things more exciting. If you are ever in need of a value spinner, remember that you can either download and print these samples, or you can use one of those online value spinner websites for free.

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