Hi, I’m Gary and welcome to BloggersTown.com

Welcome to Bloggers Town!

My name is Gary and this is my blog about things that matter most to me. At a young age I realized that real estate was the tried and true pathway to wealth. Growing up, always helped out around the house and luckily, my father was a lawyer and had a rental property or two.

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Fast forward a decade or so and I’m a 32 year old guy following in his footsteps and blogging about it. The main topics we cover are personal finance, legal matters, marketing and of course real estate. When combined these are the three things which let ordinary men and women live extraordinary lives.

I graduated university with a BBA in Business Administration and started working as an accountant immediately. I still have my 9-5 but with some savvy investments and a rental property or two under my belt – the path to financial freedom is getting clearer and clearer.

Hopefully you’ll find this content inspiring, entertaining and of course useful. Remember, everything starts with an idea but ends with action. Ideas with action is where the magic happens and what separates those that do ad those that dream.

Good luck and thanks for reading!