7 Benefits of a Bedroom Addition in a Home

Have you been considering the benefits of a bedroom addition to your home?

Many homeowners expand their homes when their families grow or their wants and needs change. Whether you have a small home aching for an expansion or a large one that’s been worn down, a room addition can save the day.   

Besides, who doesn’t want that extra living space? For most households, more space usually means more comfort! 

So, if you find yourself needing more freedom in your home, consider adding an extra bedroom. Keep reading below to know the seven most common reasons for doing so.

Let’s begin!

1. Aging Parents

Perhaps the noblest reason to have a new bedroom in your home is to house your aging parents. The extra bedroom can allow them to live independently while still being close to family. This can help to reduce stress for both them and the family members. 

Most elderly people may say that they don’t want to burden their children with the duty to care for them. But deep inside, and if they had their way, they would probably want to continue living amongst their loved ones. At least, they would want to age in their own space instead of being sent away to a home. 

2. Storage Space

An extra home bedroom can be a great way to add more space to your abode. This can be especially beneficial if you have a lot of belongings. In fact, this is a problem for many homeowners. They just have a lot of stuff!

With a room addition, you will have more space to store your things in, which reduces clutter in your home and makes it tidier. You can also organize your possessions more effectively when you actually have dedicated storage space for them. 

When you finally have to use this home addition as a bedroom, then it will be easy to convert it as long as you plan the project well.

3. Privacy

If you add another bedroom to your home, you get plenty of advantages in terms of privacy with your better half

In many houses, bedrooms are located near or next to each other. Sometimes, this leaves you very little opportunity to have private moments, especially when you have kids. 

Having an additional bedroom can be the answer to that. Besides, it’s cheaper than checking in at a hotel just to have some “you” time. On top of that, it’s safer too. No hidden cameras to worry about!

4. Guest Accommodation

A bedroom addition in a home can provide many benefits, particularly when it comes to accommodating guests. A bedroom can serve as a private space for visitors to stay overnight, allowing them to feel more comfortable and relaxed during their visit. 

You don’t want to disrupt your kids’ bedtime routine just to accommodate a visiting friend or relative. And your guests will probably feel more comfortable in a room that’s meant for them, knowing they’re not uprooting anyone from their personal space.

5. Passive Income  

Not only can a bedroom addition provide additional space for your family, but it can also be used as a rental unit to generate income. Bedrooms can be rented out for many different purposes such as storage, office space, and more. 

By adding a bedroom to a home, your family will not only enjoy more space, but you can also make some extra money. If you’re concerned about your safety, you can build this additional bedroom detached so you feel more at ease. It goes without saying that you must screen your potential tenants as well.

6. Getting Creative

Want to teach your kids the beauty and benefits of creativity? Let them have a whole bedroom addition to themselves! Who says this space should only be for sleeping? You can always turn it into a real bedroom when the situation calls for it.

Meanwhile, your kids can use it as an art studio, a mini sports room, a playroom, or whatever type of recreational room they will enjoy. One side benefit of this is that you won’t feel pressured to clean up after them just in case some guests arrive. 

7. Higher Home Value 

One of the most obvious benefits of a bedroom addition is its positive impact on your home’s resale value. You may not necessarily be planning to sell your house in the near future, but you’ll never know. 

Times are unpredictable. Any day, you may realize that your plans and priorities have changed. Whatever your home’s current value, you can give it a nice boost with a new bedroom.  

The best thing is, you can easily get a home renovations loan nowadays as long as you’re ready. You can consider it an investment – in fact, a high-return one, whether you plan to rent the room out, sell your home, or just enjoy it with your family. 

Making That Bedroom Addition Happen

As you can see, a bedroom addition isn’t only a matter of having extra space, increasing your comfort, adding to your family’s income, or even increasing your home’s resale value. It’s the power of all those benefits combined!

It won’t even be hard finding a reputable contractor. All you need is a little research and a lot of common sense. Choosing the right contractor for you isn’t hard either. So, get started with your search and get that bedroom addition built in no time. 

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