Best Fashion Bloggers in Utah – Get the Inside Scoop

In recent years, the best fashion bloggers in Utah have started to share their creativity nationwide. As one of the country’s most popular tourist attractions, Utah is making a name for itself. Tourists aren’t the only ones going to Utah. The state has also drawn a large number of creative people eager to start or advance their professions in entertainment, art, and fashion.

If you’re planning a trip to Utah or considering relocating there, be sure to check out these five amazing fashion bloggers from the Beehive State. In this article, you will find Utah’s Best Fashion Bloggers that showcase its natural beauty and culture.

Top 5 Fashion Bloggers in Utah

If you’re looking for fashion inspiration or just interested in what’s new, following and reading fashion blogs is a terrific way to learn about current trends and popular styles. Here are 5 of our favorites from Utah to help you find some of your favorite fashion bloggers.

1.      A Year in London

In this blog, you will find recommendations for shopping and sightseeing in London, as well as restaurant reviews. The blog is about the writer’s time when living abroad while studying for her MBA at Imperial College London.

2.      Embracing Myself

This blog is about accepting who you are through style and fitness. The writer mostly writes about her personal experiences that influenced her as a person, such as coming out as gay to her Mormon family, caring for her elderly mother who suffers from dementia, or losing weight after motherhood.

3.      Shop Til You Drop

This blog has been active since 2010, and the contents focus on daily outfit recommendations, outfit images, and store reviews.

4.      The State of Style

The founder started this blog after many people asked for recommendations about places to buy clothes. This blog includes a shopping guide for fashion, from designer jeans to Zara’s budget clothes.

5.      Cuteness!

The blog was started in 2015 when the founder was in their senior year of high school. Emily, the founder, started this blog with her two friends. They created this blog as a space where they could share their unique style, uncensored ideas, and advice on how to stay fashionable even when you’re broke. They’ve since turned into one of the most important voices in teen fashion blogging.

Instagram Accounts of The 7 Best Fashion Bloggers in Utah

If you’re curious about Utah’s fashion style, you should check these seven fantastic Instagram accounts. These influencers cover everything about Utah’s fashion, from new fashion trends to unique local shopping spots. Check out the following Instagram account to stay up to date with Utah fashion trends and to get fashion inspiration.

  • Jenna Turkoglu @jennatrkoolguy
  • Brittany Rios @brittanyrios1
  • Ariana Cuccinello @arianacuccinello
  • Chelsea Kilgore @chelseakilgore
  • Alyssa Dunlevy @fashionwithalyssa
  • Courtney Laulu @courtneylaulu
  • Kate Braithwaite Smith@katebraithwaite

The Most Influential Instagram Users in Utah

It is not easy to find someone who has only one social media account in this day and age. But Instagram is the platform where many people are the most active. Considering the platform’s popularity, it is possible to find someone who only uses Instagram and nothing else.

In this section, I want to talk about the most influential account in Utah. It has a bit of everything, from hair stylists, fashion bloggers, makeup artists, and many more.

The account is @kylierobertson – Kylie Robertson. The person behind the account is an Australian native who relocated to Provo with her husband, who is a Utah jazz player, Kyle Korver. After she relocated, Kylie started blogging about her life as an Aussie living in America.

She explores Utah’s culture and shares it with her followers. You can also check out her blog where she shares tips on local restaurants to visit and various events to attend. This is the perfect account for people who want to know more about Utah or planning to visit in the future.

Besides her blog and Instagram account, you can also check out her YouTube channel to see more of Kylie’s life. In the channel she also reviews makeup products. Occasionally, Kylie will also record herself while running errands or exploring new places in Utah.

Six Essentials From the Best Fashion Bloggers in Utah

When it comes to fashion, getting through fall might be difficult. That’s why we recommend the following must-have items for fall. Check out our selection of 6 Closet Must-Haves For Fall with fashion tips below to stay stylish during the cooler months.

1.      Layering your dress

To dress in layers is fun because it gives you limitless options for how you want to look. Adding accessories like scarves and hats when dressed in layers will make you look fabulous. These accessories avoid a plain look and make you look fashionable.

2.      Find some amazing boots

Boots are great for every season, so they are must-have items for fall. Besides giving warmth to your feet during the fall season, they also make you look fashionable. From knee-high boots to thigh-high boots, they are perfect for falls. There are many types and styles of boots that you can choose from, from combat boots to riding boots. You can choose any type of boots that best suit you.

3.      Get comfortable and stylish shoes that will last all winter long

You should invest in some comfortable yet stylish shoes if you want to survive the cold weather. These shoes are worth your money.

4.      Don’t forget to dress colorfully

Although it is important to dress in neutral colors during fall, wearing a bright color is also a great option. It’s even better if you match the colorful clothes with another neutral hue like black or white.

5.      Add standout accessories to your everyday outfits

Metallic leather leggings, dramatic heels, or vividly colored belts may truly make your everyday outfit stand out.

6.      Layer your makeup based on the style you want

In the fall seasons, you are free to choose natural or dramatic makeup. Or maybe you want to look natural one day and wear bright eyeshadow or lipstick the next day. You are free to layer your favorite makeup in this fall season. Don’t forget to store your makeup properly so it won’t get damaged due to the cold weather.

The above six must items for the fall season will help you prepare for the cold weather while keeping a fashionable look.

Favorite Instagram Accounts To Follow in Winter

People use Instagram daily, and it’s basically like Facebook, but better and less stressful. Keep up with your favorite blogs and brands by following these Instagram accounts: @ourlittleberrytreehouse, @themillennialmindset, or @rainbootsanddrinkcoffee. There are also chances for you to win giveaways, if there are any. Don’t forget to leave comments below if you have questions, fashion blog recommendations, or fashion Instagram accounts to follow.

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