Blueface Net Worth

Born as Johnatan Michael Porter in 1997, Blueface is a popular name in current rap culture. The talented rapper with an off-beat style of rapping first came to the scene in 2018. And while we will talk about his net worth, we have to start from the begging.

Early Life

Porter’s rap career came as a complete surprise to both his parents and to everyone around him. While the energetic rapper did show signs of musical prowess, it was his unprecedented 6’4″ height that made him prime for a quarterback position.

That’s exactly what happened early in his life. After LA, Porter attended Arleta High School and joined the school’s football team as a quarterback. His couch had seen the potential in the boy, and his height and weight certainly primed him for it.

In between 2016 and 2017, Porter became interested in rap. And this is when Porter first got into the game by posting songs on Instagram and SoundCloud.

Early Career And Success

Porter’s rap career initially came in 2017 under the stage name “Blueface”. The first song that started grabbing attention was posted on SoundCloud and was named “Deadlocks”.

The song later became a huge success and paved the way for something much bigger. What grabbed the listener’s attention the most was his off-beat style of rapping in Deadlocks.

But it wasn’t long before Blueface would be a name everyone would want to collaborate with.

In the following year, Blueface released his first EP called “Famous Crypn”. Being from LA meant he had to affiliate himself with one of the two major gangs in the city. As it stands, the Crips would be the gang that Blueface would dedicate his rap to.

From the EP, the two songs that stood out were “Fucced Em” and “Freak B*tch”. In the following months, his EP amassed millions of listeners on SoundCloud and YouTube. It was the start of Porter’s career.

The snowball effect from the state-wide recognition he got after the release of the EP managed to get him enough money to shoot a music video for a track called “Respect My Crypn”. The music video was posted on WorldStarHipHop and got millions of views in the first week. It’s safe to say that the track made Porter’s stage name a household name among rap fans and radio stations.

In the same year, record label companies got into a bidding war for the energetic rapper. With only 21 years of age, the sky was the limit for young Blueface.

In the end, Cash Money West signed the rapper but the financial side isn’t known to the public. Later in 2019 after appearing on the Breakfast Club, Blueface told Charlamagne the God that he hadn’t read his contract and had known very little about the deal. This sparked controversy as Blueface told that he had put his trust in his agent, Wack 100.

Signing For Cash Money West

On the Breakfast Club, Blueface quoted saying ” all I know is Cash Money West and Wack 100. . . You gotta ask Wack about the other people involved. “

This further cements the claims that Blueface knows very little about his own contract with the record company. But it turns out that the deal was well worth for Blueface, especially after his next release “Bleed It”.

After “Bleed It” hit SoundCloud and iTunes, a music video was shot on the Lyrical Lemonade YT channel. Here, the music video got 2 million hits in the first 24 hours!

In the same year, Blueface’s next EP hit the scene. The EP, “Two Coccy”, was a huge commercial success for both Blueface and Cash Money West. But the star and highlight of his career certainly have to be his single “Thothiana”.

Although the track didn’t drop with a music video, Lyrical Lemonade was quick to act and make one in 2019. The music video currently has 80 million views, and a remix with Cardi B was looming around the corner.

Lyrical Lemonade also posted the remix with Cardi B a month later. But this one was a much bigger commercial success. The music video has 210 million views on YouTube and sparked numerous remixes and covers.

Blueface Net Worth

Different sources quote different figures when taking a look at Porter’s net worth. Some say that his net worth from 2018 to 2019 grew by $2 million. Back in 2018, Porter’s net worth was only $700,000. Two years later and his net worth is closer to $4 million.

The majority of his wealth Blueface has amassed from his music. While he does make a fair amount from his own personal brand name, each stage appearance earns Blueface upwards of $20,000.

Blueface’s career highlights include “Thothiana” in 2019, his album “Famous Crypn” in 2018, and his song “Bleed It” in 2019.

Famous Blueface Quotes

  • “I just want to get paid to lay down, wake up when I want to wake up, go to sleep when I want to go to sleep, and my money just is there. I just want to make the most by doing the least.”
  • “My favorite subject was lunchtime.”
  • “I’m unique, I’m myself, I’m funny.”
  • “I don’t like to say it, but I don’t care, I’m a real-life genius.”
  • “I wouldn’t have gone to school if I wasn’t playing football.”
  • “My music is not like everybody gonna love it, it’s really what I make of “it.
  • “The way I rap is very west coast.”
  • “I fell in love with my voice. I had something inside of me that was like, ‘I like this.’”
  • “Everybody’s waiting on the downfall of artists.”

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