Connecting With Your Audience: 4 Interactive Content Ideas That Will Boost Engagement

Did you know that interactive content gets twice as much engagement as static content?

There is no question that businesses and influencers need to engage their audiences on social media if they want to succeed. The problem is that not all kinds of content are equally effective. 

Since there are many different kinds of interactive content, it’s important to know which ones are best for building engagement. This is why we’ve created a short guide. Keep reading if you want to know more. 

1. Create Polls and Quizzes

If you find yourself stuck because you’re still wondering how to make interactive content, creating polls and quizzes is the easiest way to get started. 

It’s also a great method for encouraging your followers to get involved. They benefit from this by getting personalized information and insights related to their biggest life questions. 

By creating polls and quizzes you’ll be able to learn important things about your followers. If done correctly, quizzes can also help you segment your audiences. This will be helpful for future marketing campaigns. 

If you’re unsure how to make content interactive with polls and quizzes, don’t worry. Platforms such as Instagram and Facebook have built-in tools for creating quizzes and polls. It’s also possible to download apps that make it easy to create quizzes and collect the results. 

2. Make Use of Data Visualizations

If you’re creative, it’s possible to make all types of content interactive. For example, if you have visual data related to your niche that you want to show to your audience, you can organize a webinar. 

During the webinar, you can show the visual data while explaining its significance. You can then ask for feedback from the event participants. 

3. Live Stream as Often as You Can

During the last few years, live streaming has exploded in popularity and it is just getting bigger. As one of the best strategies for interactive content marketing, live streaming works best when content providers teach something valuable to their viewers. 

4. Make an Interactive Ebook or Whitepapers

Marketers have been using Ebooks and whitepapers for quite some time. They continue to be a popular form of interactive content because they are easy for users to engage with. 

Interactive ebooks have built-in touch-screen capabilities. You can add videos, GIFs, quizzes, and moving data.

It’s also possible to create pop-ups that display questions to readers while they’re flipping between pages. You can take advantage of this feature to get direct feedback from readers about their desires and interests. 

Engage Your Audience by Creating More Interactive Content

If you want to start creating more interactive content but are uncertain where to start, it’s important to know about the four easy things you can start doing today. Consider creating quizzes or polls. You should also start live streaming as often as you can. 

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