Follow These Tips to Make Your Work Van Get Noticed

A work van can make your business run smoothly. Depending on the type of profession you have, owning a work van could help your sales a lot. Every handy-man and-woman knows how much a well branded work van can help them get clients. 

From carrying all the necessary equipment to making a great first impression, a work van can improve your business. Besides, it would be best if you had a reliable work vehicle to ensure you can get to your client’s location without delay. Imagine telling your client that your van is breaking down on the side of the road?

All in all, a work van is the ultimate mobile toolbox and advertising campaign. Motorpoint wrote a great piece about memorable TV and film vans; it should give you some ideas. How will you make people interested in hiring you if your van looks ordinary? The answer is that you won’t, you need to make your work van stand out. 

These tips are easy to follow and affordable. It’s all about working smarter, not harder.

Wrap your work van

When you purchase a regular van for your business, you should not keep it that way. It is time to invest and get your van wrapped. This investment can make your business van stand out more and raise brand awareness as you drive. 

Van wraps are always a brilliant investment, not only for a plain van but also for all kinds of vehicles. Small businesses should add car wraps to their budgets. Imagine driving to your client’s house and promoting your business simultaneously. That is entirely possible with car wraps. 

You should consider two things when choosing the best design: easy to read font and excellent colour combination. Ideally, you want your message to be clear, concise and read easily by everyone on the street.

Make your van more memorable

To promote your business, don’t forget to make your van more memorable. Being memorable is vital for every business. First, make sure your toll-free number is easy to remember. Using letters to promote your number is a great idea here, for example, 1-855-PLUMBER.

The brain memorizes the plumber number much easier than just ordinary numbers. Therefore, picking the most memorable vanity number is a good idea for your business. Don’t be shy and try to choose the best number possible.

Personalize your plate

An easy part of your van to personalize is the plate number. Your license plate is only a tiny part of your van; however, it can be one of the most memorable parts of it. Now it’s time to create your custom plate. Check out the lists of existing number plates for sale. Pick a license plate that is related to your business activities or name.

For example, if you’re a plumber, you can choose a license plate that has the word “pipe” or “pipes” in it. People will always notice your van driving around if the license plate is catchy and relevant. 

Now you no longer have the most bland-looking work van in the city. People will remember your van driving by on the street and that will lead to more business. Hopefully, your business will start to pick up as more and more people are noticing you working in their area.

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