Lil Mosey Net Worth

It’s not easy being one of the hottest names in the hip hop scene. With just 17 years of age, Lil Mosey is on the lips of the biggest production houses in the US.

With millions of views on SoundCloud and YouTube, the future looks bright for one of hip hops rising stars.

Early Life And Success

There isn’t much to talk about Lil Mosey’s early life since he is only 17 years old. Born as Lathan Moses Echols on January 25, 2002, Lil Mosey already has a hit on the Billboard Hot 100 Charts. But how did it all came to be?

Well, it all started in his hometown of Mountlake Terrace in Washington. Being a child of a single mother wasn’t easy on young Lathan. But if that sounds harsh, then so does the fact that young Lathan had to move schools very often.

While he did finish elementary school in his hometown, he had to transfer to Shorecrest High School after attending two years at Mountlake Terrace High. His childhood life wasn’t easy, and the transfer to a new environment certainly didn’t help young Lathan.

The move happened because Lathan and his mother had to move from Mountlake to Seattle. He hated his new environment and decided to drop out to follow his musical career; a choice that in both hindsight and reality seemed like the best. And the best it certainly was as young Lathan has huge musical potential that is yet to be utilized.

Lathan’s musical gift didn’t suddenly appear out of nowhere. While he did drop out as a sophomore, Lathan was rapping ever since grade eight.

While we don’t much much about his personal life at the time, we can find small tidbits from his lyrics. And if we listen closely, then we can safely say that Lathan loves smoking weed and drinking lean.

Lil Moseys’s rap style can be perfectly described as “mumble rap”. While he doesn’t take issue with it, he has said that he oftentimes mumbles when he talks.

And his musical gift gave fruition back in 2016 when Mosey was just 14 years old.

A Star In the Making

His first song, “Off White”, was uploaded to SoundCloud where it got millions of views.

The song got the attention of a lot of names in Washington and afar, and the song was later uploaded by many different people, mostly fans, to YouTube.

Off White made Lil Mosey a household name, and things were going to get only better for young Lathan.

His next hit was highly anticipated. With 11 million views on YouTube in just under a week, “Pull Up” shook the hip hop world to its core. Everyone was talking about Lil Mosey and everyone wanted to sign him.

But that same year, Lil Mosey came up with another hit single, “Noticed”. The song was an even bigger hit than the previous one, with more than 4 million streams in the first 24 hours on SoundCloud.

By 2017, Lil Mosey was a household name in the rap industry. Following the success of “Noticed”, Lil Mosey shot a music video that got twice as many views. To help shoot the video, his cousin, Jesus Sevilla, came in as the producer.

In that same year, it was time for young Lathan to release his first mixtape. He called it “North’s Best”, and it was a huge hit on SoundCloud. Then came the time to release an album. After signing with Interscope Records, he released the first song of the album, “Kamikaze”. This was by war the most successful song Lil Mosey had at the time.

As of the current time of writing, the song has 71 million views on YouTube, with 12 of those coming in the first week. 2018 was even more successful, with Lil Mosey going on tour with Juice WRLD and even opening at “WRLD Domination Tour” for the rapper.

New Things to Come

Between 2018 and 2020, Lil Mosey released a couple of hit singles and his first debut album, “Certified Hitmaker”. The album released in 2020 and one of his songs, the lead single, “Blueberry Faygo”, made it into the top Billboard Hot 100, peaking at number 8.

Then came two more singles, “Back At It” and “Top Gone”, both being a huge success. He also hinted at a release of a new album called “The Land of Make Belief”, which was going to be his third album/mixtape. In the meantime, Lil Mosey has performed and collaborated with numerous artist such as Swae Lee, YG, Tripple Redd, Quavo, Tyga, and more.

Popular Lil Mosey Quotes

  • “I made “Kamikaze” within a few months. When I came home from my second tour, I just came straight to the studio when I landed and Royce, my producer had that beat for me.”
  • “The melody probably came first really and the flow, and then I just finished some words, freestyling in my head and stuff. That’s it. I honestly don’t remember. That’s why don’t take Xanax.”
  • “I called the song “Kamikaze” because that’s what it sounds like I’m saying in the song. “Kamikaze” it’s not something I really say, but it sounds like I say it. I say, “Come with caution because you know we all shacked up.” Basically, it just means wild.”
  • “Basically, a long time ago, the Japanese people hired suicide bombers, and they cried, “Kamikaze.” They just went in knowing they were going to die, bombing. They don’t give a f*ck.”

Lil Mosey Net Worth

Lil Mosey makes most of his money through his music. Collaboration and royalties also come in handy but as it stands, he makes around $500,000 and $700,000 a year only through his music. In the four years while he’s been an artist, Lil Mosey has amassed a net worth totalling $4 million.

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