5 Tips For Buying Premium Cigars Online

Many premium cigars enthusiasts know that being able to buy cigars online is the best thing ever. No more getting lost and not knowing where and when you can get your cigars. Long gone is the time when you have to travel miles away just to get your cigars. Now, you can order many premium cigars online, no matter where you are. Even better now that the internet is full of resources that allow you to learn more about cigars. Without further ado, here are the five tips I have for buying premium cigars online.

Find a reliable retailer

Before you buy cigars online, the first thing you’ll have to do is find a reliable retailer. This first step is crucial if you want to buy genuine premium cigars online and have them delivered to your home without a headache. I’ve seen many people complaining about counterfeits and/or long delivery times.

Speaking of counterfeits, cigars are one of the most vulnerable victims of fakeries. So please make sure you buy your premium cigars from a real and reputable retailer. Try to read the reviews or google the name of the retailer and see if you can find anything. Once you’ve found a reliable retailer, however, it’ll be smooth sailing from there. Simply wait for your cigars to arrive and enjoy them.

Always look for proof of legitimacy

Speaking of reliable retailers, try to look for retailers that can provide some kind of proof of legitimacy. It can be something like EMS or English Market Selection guarantee. EMS is used to identify the actual quality of the cigars that come from Cuba. This should be the sign that the cigars sold from the retailers are genuine.

This knowledge is also useful when you are buying in person. Always ask to inspect the cigars before you make your decision. Pay mind to the wrapper leaf; if it looks overly veined, poor quality, and dull, you might want to avoid the cigar.

Choose a flavor that suits you

Experimenting with different flavors is one of the best things to do for cigar enthusiasts. Once you have found the flavor that suits you best, you can enjoy cigars to the fullest. So if you are new to cigars, always start by considering your preferences. Look up if there are any premium cigars that interest you and buy them.

It’d also be great to consider your preferences for other products. For example, if you love white wines, then perhaps, a cigar with floral flavor notes would be the best choice. After all, cigars are great to be enjoyed with many other things.

Try single options

Still related to the tip above, if you are not sure which flavor you love best or the brand that is right for you, consider a single option. This is great, so you can try all kinds of flavors until you can find the best flavor for you. Don’t worry, most stores offer single cigars, so you can try all kinds of flavors from only one store if you want to. When you already have done enough testing, you can decide later if buying a whole box or trying out another brand would be a better idea.

Consider the size as well

We have talked about the flavor; now it’s time for the size. Yes, size could affect your experience when it comes to cigars. A long and thick cigar will take a while to smoke. The flavor will be less concentrated as well. Keep in mind that it could take up to an hour to smoke larger cigars, so you might want to make sure you have the time to finish it.

If you’re in a rush, however, larger cigars may not be a wise choice. Especially when you know, you won’t have the time to sit around smoking a cigar. So if you want something quick or you can enjoy on the go, smaller, thinner cigars would be better.

Ready to make your purchase?

Now all that’s left is to actually spend your time finding the best cigar online. I am sure you can find one in no time, considering how many great, high-quality cigars are on the market.

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