Christmas Blogging Ideas – 99 Blog Post’s to Try

Here are 99 Christmas blogging ideas for bloggers looking to write something special. If you’re looking for unique Christmas blog post ideas for this holiday season, you’re in the right place. In this article, we will share awesome blog post ideas as well as topics for holiday blog posts to spread the holiday spirit.

If you’ve just realized it’s that the holiday is coming and you’re at a loss on what to write for your Christmas-themed posts, we’re here to help you.

Looking for unique blog post ideas for this holiday season? Topics for festive blog posts that are sure to spread the Holiday cheer?

If you’ve just realized it’s that time of year again and you’re at a loss on what to write for your blog posts, you’ve come to the right place!

Find a massive list of inspirational Christmas blog post ideas for beginners as well as bloggers below in a variety of blogging categories.

Christmas Blogging Ideas: What Should I Write About?

Creating seasonal content is an excellent way to increase your blog traffic rapidly.

To keep your blog content fresh and in demand, you need to plan your blog postings according to the seasons. If you want to know the best topics to write about on the Christmas holiday, you should look at what’s going on in the month and base your blog post ideas on these events.

Fortunately, the holiday season provides a lot of blog post ideas, and the list of Christmas-themed blog post ideas below will help you to find inspiration for the post that your readers will enjoy.

Read the 99 blog post ideas below that includes various blog themes such as fashion, lifestyle, health, home decor, culinary, photography bloggers, DIY, and many more.

Blog Post Ideas for Christmas

1. How to plan a wholesome dinner party

2. Amazing outdoor Holiday decorations

3. Beautiful table settings ideas that will make people happy

4. Best fashion accessories for this holiday season

5. Simple Christmas carols for kids

6. DIY gift tag ideas

7. Step-by-step guide to cater to family members with dietary requirements this year

8. Family photograph for Holiday card ideas

9. How to decorate with fairy lights

Christmas Blogging Ideas For Lifestyle Blogs

10. Delegating chores to avoid stress before the Holiday

11. How to plan your budget this year

12. How to spend less money this holiday season

13. Best eco-friendly wrapping paper (compilation) 

14. Unique gift ideas for people who have everything

15. The ultimate guide to getting interesting gifts for teenage girls

16. Tips for organizing your home before the Holiday

17. Unique hairstyles to try this holiday season

18. Festive make-up looks for this holiday season

19. Stocking stuffers under $25

Blog Post Ideas For Fashion Bloggers At Christmas 

20. Cozy and warm cardigans that you won’t want to take off 

21. Outfit coordination for Holiday family photos

22. Flirty pajama sets for the winter

23. Best outfits for your office party at the end of the year

24. Ugly sweater gift guide

25. Holiday outfit shopping spree

26. End-of-year fashion flashback

27. Trendy gift ideas for men

28. Five-holiday fashion must-haves

29. What your favorite celebrities are wearing this Christmas

Christmas Blog Post Ideas For Food Bloggers

30. How to deal with food allergies over the holiday season

31. Ten Holiday delicacies you can prepare in advance

32. Vegetarian alternatives for turkey

33. Free menu templates of the year (compilation)

34. Five easy treat recipes for Christmas carollers 

35. Best pudding substitutes for your family (compilation)

36. Holiday dinner ideas for your dog or cat

37. Tabletop accessories for the holidays (roundup)

38. How to make eggnog cocktails

39. Making a homemade gingerbread house

Christmas Blogging Ideas For Moms

40. Cool game ideas for kids aged 10

41. Tips for taking family photos with young kids

42. Sleeping tips for your baby during the busy holiday season

43. Simple Christmas craft ideas for preschoolers

44. Free Christmas coloring pages for kids (compilation)

45. Christmas decorations you can make with your kids

46. Fun Christmas treats for kids 

47. Seven reasons you need a baby sling this Christmas

48. Cutest baby outfits for Christmas

59. Fifty activities to keep your kids entertained at family gatherings

Christmas Blog Post Ideas For Health and Wellness

50. Gluten-free Christmas treat ideas

51. Self-care tips for Christmas

52. Foods to boost your immune system this winter

53. The best wellness books for Christmas

54. Five-minute meditation techniques to relieve Christmas stress

55. Calming gift boxes for 2022

56. How to deal with toxic family members at a family gathering

57. Creative ways to squeeze in exercise during the holidays

58. How to feel more Christmassy

59. How to deal with social anxiety during the holiday season

Christmas Blog Post Ideas For Crafts And Diy

60. Ten cool craft ideas that even teens will enjoy

61. How to knit a classic festive stocking

62. How to make your own advent calendar this Holiday

63. How to make a cardboard gingerbread man costume

64. Cricut decoration ideas to sell

65. Making personalized glitter baubles

66. Handmade Holiday card ideas for 2022

67. Easy gift wrap hacks you’ll love

68. Five ways to dress up regular clothes for the holidays

69. How to make interesting Bonbons

For Home Decorations

70. Seven strategies to cut costs on Holiday decorations

71. Ideas for an eco-friendly Christmas tree

72. Twelve types of decorations for your home during the Holiday

73. Unique tree decorations that people love

74. Three eco-friendly tinsel substitutes

75. Making amazing ornaments with Cricut

76. Ideas for homemade festive tree skirts

77. Christmas tree decoration trends for 2022

78. How to decorate a tiny living room for the Holiday

79. How to make a wreath from recycled paper

For Photographers

80. Holiday Instagram photo ideas 

81. How to make colorful photo decorations

82. Seven tips for taking a Holiday family photo

83. Best coffee table photography books for the Holiday (roundup)

84. Tips for taking photos in front of colorful lights

85. The best Lightroom presets for the Holiday

86. How to photograph festive lights at night

87. Photography accessories to have this holiday season

88. Photo gift ideas for grandparents

89. Natural light photography techniques for cloudy days

For Small Business

90. How to run a give-away event for your business

91. How to organize your business before the holiday season

92. Behind the scenes of Christmas preparations for your business

93. Holiday social media marketing ideas

94. Setting business goals for the New Year

95. Inspiring podcasts to listen to during this holiday

96. How to balance your business and personal life in the holiday season

97. Holiday gift ideas for loyal clients

98. Five non-boring Holiday office party ideas

99. Unique Holiday gift ideas for your staff

Wrap Up

Hopefully, the 99 blog post ideas for Christmas above will give you the inspiration to write interesting posts for your blog for your readers.

You are free to use the ideas as they are, or you can also change them to be more suitable for your blog.

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