Real Estate Advice: What Are the Best Cities to Invest in Real Estate?

In a volatile market, experts say now’s the time to invest in real estate. Real estate often yields a greater return on investment compared to stock investments, and real estate can protect investors against inflation.

However, housing costs are currently sky high, and some markets are experiencing a shortage. That’s why it’s crucial to know where to invest to get the most bang for your buck.

For essential real estate advice, read on to learn which cities to hunt for your next investment property in.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Florida is full of hot real estate markets right now, with cities all over the peninsula state offering home buyers and investors great deals.

Fort Lauderdale is one city experiencing population growth, including an onslaught of retirees looking for their dream condo. The area’s beautiful beaches and vibrant culture make it a prime spot for snagging a vacation home.

Find the perfect condo investment before prices in the area go up.

Columbus, Ohio

Columbus may not have beach-y charm or big city bustle, but it boasts employment opportunities and one of the country’s largest universities. And because Ohio’s capital city has a variety of affordable properties on the market, it’s a great place to find your next piece of real estate.

Look for homes that can be rented out to small families, young professionals, and students.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas may be known more for its nightlife and casino tourism, but it’s quickly becoming one of the best cities in the country for investing in real estate.

Las Vegas is Nevada’s most populated city and one of the fastest-growing cities in the country. That means there will be a lot of demand for housing.

Not only that, but Nevada offers some of the lowest property tax rates in the U.S., making it an appealing choice for real estate buyers.

Dallas, Texas

There have been reports of thousands of people flocking to Texas, escaping more expensive states like California. The area around Dallas, one of the state’s biggest cities, is one of the top picks for many looking for a new place to live.

Dallas and its surrounding suburbs offer a seemingly endless supply of real estate at a range of price points. To find the best deals, search the city’s outskirts and in areas like Plano and Frisco.

Birmingham, Alabama

Those looking to invest in the Deep South should look no place other than Birmingham, Alabama. Birmingham is known for its diversity and revitalization, becoming a major banking hub.

Properties are priced low in this southern city, but the ratio of rent-to-home value is exceptionally high. Birmingham also offers high appreciation rates.

The city’s metropolitan area has attracted many professionals and families looking to work and live in this exciting city. This trend has led to an over-saturation of home buyers, forcing many to rent. If you find a great deal, jump on it fast—a renter will surely be waiting to move in.

Nashville, Tennessee

As the capital and most populated city in Tennessee, Nashville is often ranked one of the best places to invest in real estate. That continues to be true now, as housing demand remains high.

Nashville residents’ income has seen an increase, and so has the city’s housing costs. Choosing to invest now will likely pay off later.

Phoenix, Arizona

Along with Texas, Arizona has seen an influx of new residents coming from California and other costly states.

In the last couple of years, the cost of homes in Phoenix have hit record-breaking numbers. Still, compared to many other major cities, housing costs are relatively affordable.

For many investors, Phoenix is an ideal spot to snag real estate in, before prices increase even more.

Fresno, California

A city in California may seem like an unlikely location to invest in real estate right now. Cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles have some of the highest home prices in the country, pricing out some Californians who can’t afford the expensive costs.

While some of these people are packing up and moving out of the state, others are searching for more affordable homes within the Golden State.

Fresno is one California city that offers gentler housing costs, which is a win for both buyers and renters. If you’re looking to invest in real estate on the West Coast, Fresno is a solid choice, with low vacancy rates and a growing population.

Denver, Colorado

Denver is a major city offering jobs, tourism, and a unique local culture. Combine these points together, and it’s easy to see why many want to live in this Colorado city.

For investors, Denver is ideal for its high real estate appreciation rates and a high proportion of renters. As more people move to this mountainous city, you can expect demand and competition to grow.

Buffalo, New York

New York City once offered inexpensive housing prices during the pandemic, but it recently bounced back, motivating some to relocate to more affordable locales.

It’s no surprise some chose to escape to New York’s second largest city, Buffalo. This is good news for real estate investors in the area.

Investors can also benefit from Buffalo’s low home prices and high appreciation rate.

Where to Invest: Follow Our Real Estate Advice

When it comes to investing in real estate, location is key. Take our real estate advice and invest in one of these thriving cities.

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