The Kind of Industrial Casters That You Need

There are several types of industrial casters to choose from. Among them are Heavy-duty, Swivel, Fixed, and Rubber wheels. There are even industrial distributors that offer custom orders. When choosing industrial casters, it is essential to consider the mounting style, the type of tire, and the weight rating.

Heavy-Duty Casters

Heavy-duty industrial casters are made to withstand the weight of various items. They are usually larger than standard casters, and the large wheels help distribute the weight evenly. These casters are also usually made from a variety of materials. Some of these materials include rubber, cast iron, and phenolic resin.

These casters are commonly used in heavy industries such as aerospace and shipbuilding. These industries utilize a variety of heavy-duty industrial casters in their facilities to help them move heavy equipment and items. In this industry, heavy parts are often vast and voluminous, and heavy-duty casters are essential in transporting and assembling these large items.

Swivel Casters

Swivel industrial casters are more flexible and convenient than standard ones, making them an excellent choice for a wide range of applications. They are also more secure and ideal for heavy-duty equipment. The POWERTEC 17051 Swivel Heavy-Duty Industrial Caster is an 8-inch caster designed for heavy-duty equipment, automotive components, smokers, and more. Its wide-profile wheel design minimizes rolling friction.

These casters are made with high-quality materials with a high level of durability. They have a 360-degree swiveling capacity and are available with brakes for increased safety and ease of movement. They come with an extra-long lead (offset) to enable smoother turning and reduce the risk of slipping.

Fixed Casters

For heavy loads, fixed industrial casters are appropriate. They are perfect for components of cars and heavy equipment. There are numerous heights and plate kinds for these casters. Most commonly, they come in fixed, swivel, and brake forms. Their heavy-duty construction and double ball bearing assembly help minimize rolling friction.

Fixed industrial casters are usually mounted on the underside of a piece of equipment. This makes it easy to move items or groups of items without much difficulty. They are ideal for platform trucks, carts, hand trucks, assemblies, and tow line conveyor carriers. This caster is also rigid, with the wheel fixed to a stationary fork. As a result, the caster can only roll in one direction. They are also equipped with accessories that prevent the wheel from moving.

Rubber Wheels

Rubber wheels for industrial casters are available in various styles and capacities. They come with either a fixed or rotatable steel sheet support plate. These wheels have a dynamic range of up to 2250 N and are ideal for heavy-duty applications. Twin wheel casters are also available for maximum ease of use. Lastly, wheels with ball-bearing hubs are ideal for applications where continuous movement is necessary.

When purchasing industrial casters, make sure that you select the right brake design for your application. Some industrial casters come with side brakes, which press a washer into the wheel hub and can be locked with a foot pedal. These brakes take up very little space and fit within the swivel radius of the wheel. Although side brakes are a popular choice for light-duty applications, there are better options for heavy-duty applications. Selecting the right brake design can increase the efficiency of your industrial casters.

Extruded Casters

Extruded industrial casters are lightweight and very easy to assemble. They are ideal for light to medium-duty applications. The aluminum extrusion-based frame can be used to create custom carts, robotic fixtures, tables, safety enclosures, and entire assembly lines. They can also be custom-colored as needed.

They make moving large equipment much more straightforward, reducing the physical strains on employees. In addition, these wheels promote motion and aid in speeding up the movement of component parts within a plant.

Gray Rubber Wheels

Gray rubber wheels are an excellent choice for industrial casters. They feature an extra-thick, chemically bonded gray rubber tread that provides unusual movement and a quiet ride on rough surfaces. They also offer exceptional floor protection. They are instrumental in institutional settings. Compared to polyurethane tires, gray rubber wheels are easier to roll on smooth floors and have greater shock absorption capacity.

Gray rubber wheels are the most common wheels used on industrial casters. They’re made with a smooth, non-marking tread and a durable polypropylene hub. This material is also quiet and won’t scratch floors. These wheels also come with a double-lock mechanism and are designed for heavy-duty use. They can support up to 410 pounds of weight.

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