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8 Cost-Effective Ways To Promote Your Blog

Owning a blog gives you the option to write about anything you want. A personal blog acts as a CV when pursuing a career in writing, a place where you can share your opinions, or both.

But one thing is for certain, you can monetize your blog and turn it into your full-time job. To do that, however, you will need to get it out there.

Unfortunately, that isn’t something easy to do nor is it cheap. So you will need to go online to find more about it. And since you’re reading this article, we’ll we’re here to tell you about the 8 cost-effective ways to promote your blog.

With all that said, let’s start.

Using Email

Fortunately, plenty of tools exist that help us promote anything on the internet. And email is one of the most cost-effective methods of promoting your blog. Not only is email marketing cheap, but very easy to pull off.

All you need is readers to sign up to your mailing list by willingly giving you their email addresses. Once people start signing up, you can promote your blog to them by sending email addresses with the latest news and stories.

You can even schedule email notifications every time you post something. But we suggest you don’t do this as you’ll only spam them. We recommend sending an email with the latest stories once per week.

Develop A Positive And Welcoming Relationship

Blogs are meant to entertain people. A cool way to do that is to write engaging content. But it’s not only about the content that matters. Namely, every time someone adds their email to your mailing list you can redirect them to a “Thank You” page.

Gestures such as these go along way when trying to turn readers into loyal audience members. By developing a positive relationship that brightens your readers’ day, you can create brand ambassadors that will share your articles with their friends online.

These methods cost not even a single cent.

Social Media To the Rescue

A lot can be said about social media and how we can use it to promote our blogs. But promoting on social media might be more difficult at first. Not only do you need to create a page for your blog, but you will need to build it with audience members.

The choice of the social platform is also important, as different platforms cater to different demographics. Facebook is more professional than Instagram, but LinkedIn is the most professional social platform. Twitter is the place where you can easily communicate with your followers, while YouTube is best for sharing video content.

What’s most important is to have some presence on some of these platforms. But how exactly can we promote our blog through social media?

Well, you can share all of your stories through social media. Your followers will then click on the link and take them directly to your blog. The more readers reading your blog posts, the more your blog grows.

Start Your Own, Or Join A Social Media Group

When it comes to using social media, it’s all about maximizing exposure. One feature that some social media platforms, like Facebook, have is the fact that you can create your own group and have people join it.

People join groups because they’re highly niche. This means you can create one that revolves around all things cats related where people can post anything about cats.

And you can promote your cat-related blog in these groups. You can also join the groups and share the posts as they come up. Group posting is very popular and a lot of people do it to promote their blogs. Joining or creating groups is free!

Do A Giveaway

When it comes to promoting your blog through social media, few tricks do it as well as a giveaway. Not only is this method excellent for racking up followers on your social profiles, but it’s also great for driving traffic to your website.

Giveaways are the sort of contests where you have to offer something to the participants in return for them engaging with you. And you can leave a link where they can sign up on your website, effectively driving traffic.

Once the giveaway ends you will select a lucky winner and present them with the award, probably by mailing it to them.

Write Guest Posts

Writing guest posts on other blogs is a great way to put your name out there. Although this isn’t free, and you will most likely have to do something for the website you’ll be writing, the brilliant thing is that they will most likely allow you to link your blog.

This way you’ll be getting a backlink to your site and that in turn increases your blog’s reputation. Also, the more people see your link and read the post, the more they’ll go over to your blog if they liked what they read.

Develop Relationships With Your Peers

They say blogging is a dog-eat-dog world, but not all the time. People love collaborations, especially on the World Wide Web. But before you go and collaborate with notable peers within your niche, you will have to show your worth.

This method will not work if you’re just about starting with your blogging career. Instead, you will use this one later on when readers start noticing you. So keep this one in reserve for when the blog just about starts racking up visitors. Regardless, collaborating with other bloggers is a very cost-effective way to promote your website.

Make A Podcast Appearance

Podcasts are super popular this year. Not only are they fun and interesting to listen to, but people listen to them literally wherever they go. Whether riding the bus to work in their free time, podcasts are great for keeping people entertained all throughout the day.

And making an appearance on a podcast within your niche is a great way to promote your blog.

Finishing Thoughts

There are hundreds of ways to promote your blog in this day and age. And what’s even more important is that a large part of these are very cost-effective if not free to do it!

We hope that familiarizing yourself with some of the ways will help you jump start your blogging career.

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