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5 Low-Budget Marketing Strategies Every Startup Can Use

Every new startup faces the same difficulties. Strong competition, market unfamiliarity, and a host of other difficulties can completely break your business. This is why a strong emphasis is placed on having a solid marketing strategy.

But a startup can hardly compete financially with the big companies. So that’s why we’ve decided to give you our 5 low-budget marketing strategies that every startup can use.

Don’t go anywhere as we’ll start right now.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is very inexpensive and a highly cost-effective strategy a startup can use. When it comes to content marketing, there are a couple of forms that you need to familiarize yourself with.

One of the basic ways for content marketing to work in your favor is for your startup to create a blog. A blog is where your startup will dish out information regarding the industry, business, and anything else you deem important for your readers.

Having an on-site blog is highly practical and can solve a couple of issues. Most notably, it solves issues revolving around missing information, product unfamiliarity, and entertainment.

By posting a couple of blogs in a week you can enhance your startup’s reputation. But content marketing is not only about having a company blog. As we mentioned earlier, a couple of forms exists.

If blogging isn’t your thing, then you can always rely on infographics, video content, podcasts, etc. All these are valid forms of content marketing and they work brilliantly with social media. Speaking on social media, let’s talk more about that.

Social Media Marketing

Although many will tell you social media marketing isn’t an expensive marketing strategy, it’s much more expensive than content marketing. Social media is highly sought after as it connects your startup with millions of people. By using platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you can turn your startup into a brand.

However, doing that requires a lot of work and even money invested. Since social media has become the place where people get their news and information from, it’s without a question something that you must utilize.

Having accounts on these platforms allows you greater reach and a greater digital footprint. The more you have a stronger online presence, the more your startup benefits from it.

Businesses nowadays can sell only through social media, and that’s something you have to take advantage of.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are all platforms that you can market your startup from. You can use all three, and even more, for effective marketing by using the many tools that they come with. By using the business tools, you can target any group of people to make your marketing that more effective.

Email Marketing

From all the low-budget marketing strategies that exist, there is none more effective than email marketing. A lot of people like to dismiss email as a valid marketing tool. But that couldn’t be more wrong.

Not only is email cheap, but it is also consensual. To effectively utilize email, you will need a mailing list. Now, there are a few ways to create a mailing list. You could have a subscription feature on your website where visitors willingly give you their email address in exchange for information.

This is probably the most common and effective way to do it.

Once people start signing up to your mailing list, then you can send emails to your subscribers. Remember that these people have willingly given you their email address. The reason why this is important is that they want to receive emails from you.

No one wants to see ads when browsing Facebook or Instagram. No one wants ads to appear in the middle of our YouTube video. But we all sign up to receive emails from a business, company, and startups.

Sending emails to a large email list is very inexpensive but can bring you so much more revenue and traffic.


SEO is something that every business needs if it wants to reach the next level. When we talk about SEO, we mostly refer to the need to rank better on Google. SEO strategies are plenty and each one will work differently for you.

To utilize SEO you will need a website first. And since more and more businesses are transitioning to the online world, creating a website is something that you must do.

If you’re new to SEO, just know that it is one of the best ways to get organic traffic to your website. But speaking from experience, SEO can sometimes cost a lot of money. While we are talking about low-budget marketing strategies, do know that you do not even have to spend a single penny on SEO.

If you’re unfamiliar with SEO, then you might need to hire a professional to do it for you. While everyone can come up with an infographic, draft an email, and post on Facebook, SEO requires a strong understanding for it to be effective.

SEO works best with a blog as you can utilize it so your blog posts can get organic visitors.

Forums And Groups

There are few places on the World Wide Web that are just as engaging and fun to be at as forums and groups. Not only do these connect us with a large group of people, but they connect us with like-minded individuals.

A Facebook group about house pets is the perfect place to advertise your business if your business revolves around this niche. Forums work differently as they’re more open and anyone can post. While some groups require you to fill up a short form and wait for approval, forums ask no such thing.

But forums are just as great for promoting your startup. If you see someone asking a question about a particular problem that’s within your field of expertise, then you can promote your business by saying you have the answer for it.

Both forums and groups are free and ask zero investment on our end.

Finishing Thoughts

The World Wide Web is amazing for promoting your startup as you can create low-budget marketing strategies. From utilizing social media to SEO and even forum posts, there are plenty of strategies that cost nothing compared to what they offer in return.

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