How to Collaborate With Other Bloggers – 8 Ideas That Work

Many wonder how they should collaborate with other bloggers and influencers. The biggest question is always related to how someone can get people to gather and share creative ideas with each other. Learning how you can do this is especially important during the pandemic. It is truly a fantastic time to try collaborating with other people and create something new and exciting together.

In this article, we are going to explore some great ideas for collaborating with influencers and other bloggers. You can easily implement any one of these ideas. Furthermore, when you collaborate with bloggers and influencers, you gain the ability to expand your reach, online presence, relationships, and traffic. And the best thing? It’s not difficult to do!

1. Invite other bloggers to join you in your live session

If you’re doing many live shows in a week or month, collaborating with someone while you’re doing a live show could provide a big boost to traffic and reach. A collaboration like this is versatile. For example, you can do an interview show where you ask a bunch of questions or some kind of a fashion show. Make things more interesting by getting the audience involved in the show.

You can also try to make things more interesting by inviting new guests or bloggers every week. This way, you can always give your audience something to look forward to.

2. Trading Posts

Trading posts is one of the most popular forms of collaboration on the internet. Not only is it easy to do, but it is also pretty lucrative. By allowing guest posting, you give bloggers a chance to get their content and name to the minds of your audience. Their audiences will also be exposed to your content or website in return.

Don’t forget to monitor the guest posts on your website. Make sure everything is according to your standards. If you can do this right, you can build relationships with other bloggers easily.

3. Link and share content on Instagram

To this day, Instagram is still one of the most lucrative social media platforms on the internet. If you have someone that you want to collaborate with, I recommend you talk to them about the possibility of working with each other.

Then, you can arrange how you can help each other. A popular way to do this is by sharing about each other on Instagram Stories. You can do this simply by tagging and talking about each other on Instagram Stories. Recommend your partner to your audience and have them do the same for you.

This kind of collaboration is great because it feels more personal. In a way, it is a simple recommendation, and I am sure you can build more trust with your audience this way. If your audience trusts you, they will surely check out your partner’s account. This is why you should collab only with a person who is trusted by their audience as well.

4. Create a sharing group

Social media platforms offer features that allow you to create your own groups. For example, on Facebook, you can create a group consisting of people that you invite. Therefore, you can do this to create a group of other bloggers that you trust.

This way, everyone that you trust will be in the same group, and you can easily talk to each other when needed. Now it’s time to go ahead with the collaboration. Ask everyone in the group to share each other’s stories each day/week/month.

Create a spreadsheet to know which posts perform the best. Each person should commit to sharing one post from each group member. Overall, it is easy to do, and the results can be significant.

5. Host a giveaway with someone else

Giveaways are always welcomed on the internet. Everyone loves a giveaway, so why not use it to boost your online presence? The thing with giveaways is that it has been done so many times. Therefore, you should make yours unique by working with an interesting personality.

Get together with a friend on Instagram – someone who can engage people and has already built a relationship with their audience. Now it’s time to do a joint giveaway on Instagram. Decide together on what you’ll give away. It can be cash prizes, gift cards, certain items, etc. Virtual items are better if you don’t want to worry about shipping things overseas.

Once everything has been decided, now you and your Instagram collab partner can pot about the giveaway at the same time. Tell your audience that this is a joint giveaway and that they should enter now. If one of the requirements to enter is tagging people, you can get even more people to join.

Of course, you should promote the giveaway yourself. Share it on your Instagram Stories, Facebook posts, and even email would be effective, too. Get the word out there to get the most out of your giveaway.

If everything is going smoothly, expect to get thousands of new followers. And don’t forget to ask the winners to share their winnings. When people see that the giveaway is real, you will build more trust with your audience.

6. Tag people in your posts

Sometimes a collaboration doesn’t have to be complicated. Tagging other bloggers or influencers in your post is a great way to collab. So the next time you are about to post anything on your social media page, make sure you tag someone that you work with, and they can do the same for you.

You can tag each other or simply have the other person share your post. This way, their audience will be exposed to your content and might be interested in checking your page out. Another benefit of this type of collaboration is that sometimes it happens spontaneously. The person you tagged sees your content and shares your content in return without prior agreements. If you’re running an established social media page, I am sure people tag you a lot.

7. Do a series with someone

Collaboration shouldn’t always be short-term; a long-term relationship can give you a lot of benefits. For example, you can do a collab by posting content on your website, social media page, etc. Then, you can make a post again based on the schedule that has been decided.

Always make sure you tag one another on every piece of content. After doing it enough, your audience will sort of expect the next post to be related to the previous one and complete with the same tag. This is great for encouraging people to check each other’s sites and social media pages.

To create a series that can run for as long as possible, you should stick to something that you’re familiar with. The topic can be anything you want as you have total creative freedom here. Also, It can be in the form of text, picture, or video – your choice.

8. Promote each other via email newsletters

Promoting each other via email newsletters is still an efficient way to boost your online presence. In the email, you can share the other person’s blog post from their site. It can be about anything or perhaps, an article that you like. Tell your audience why the post is worth reading – this is where explaining your reasoning could help a lot.

Another great thing about email newsletters is that it is your exclusive real estate. You can be creative here and create the best email newsletter ever. Show your personality through your emails!

Closing Thoughts on Collabs With Other Bloggers

These are some of the best ideas for collaborating with influencers and other bloggers. I am sure you can find one or two methods above are to your liking. Now all that’s left is for you to find the best collaborating partner and experiment with your methods.

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