Town of Salem Roles

In the Town of Salem, it is important to be aware of what you are up against. That’s why knowing all the 33 unique Town of Salem roles is vital. In this destructive town, having enough information about what you’re facing is the key to increasing your chances of success. It is also important for you to learn how to explore every job. In this article, I’ll go down each role in the Town of Salem Classic so you can succeed in this game.


Town of Salem roles - lookout

Lookout is a job in the Town that allows players to keep an eye on someone every night to observe who comes to see them. You can only see up to three people who have visited your objective names. If there are more than three, you won’t see the names, just the number of people who have visited them.

Instructions to Play Lookout Successfully

Lookout is a typical malicious job, so you need to maintain a fresh Will. You need to observe what is stated during the day to spot the actions for the next night.

Make sure to keep an eye out for all names. However, if the names don’t stand out, look for “Jonathan Corwin’s” because anyone can do any work.



Players who choose a job as a Sheriff would investigate and examine someone for suspicious activity. The Godfather is the only job in Classic Mode that has location invulnerability against the Sheriff.

Instructions for Playing Sheriff Effectively

When playing Sheriff, you should collaborate closely with the investigator and examine individuals they believe are suspects to find out if they are guilty or innocent. If you discover whether the suspicious individuals are guilty or not right away in the game, don’t reveal it promptly because it will call into question your authenticity and suggest that you are an Executioner.

As a Sheriff, you must report your discoveries in your Will every night to get quick access to them when people ask for them.



The doctor is a Town Protective position that allows players to heal one person every night, eventually saving them from death. All doctors have one self-recovery, so they can protect themselves from death for one evening.

Instructions to Play Doctor Successfully

Keep your self-repair for later in the game. It’s unlikely that you’ll be a target during the next few nights. Squandering your self-repair will cost you in the long run.

Find approved town people as soon as possible, so you don’t have to heal on shady jobs. Try to be invisible while doing your job. You are a primary target for the Mafia and Serial Killer to eliminate.



The Jailor is a Town Killing job that allows players to confine one person for the evening. During the day, a Jailor should choose their objective for the prison to be profitable the next night.

Instructions for Playing Jailor Effectively

As a Jailor, you must use your Will constantly. Every evening, you must write who you have imprisoned and what they guaranteed in your will.

Try not to be overly trusting, and don’t be too quick to act. Use a neutral strategy until all signs show that a detainee should be executed.

You should also discover if there are any other jobs available in town that can secure you.



The investigator is a Town Investigative Role that allows players to study someone every evening and receive a message the next day that is related to the potential parts of the mission. Learn more about investigator results.

Instructions for Playing Investigator Effectively

The investigator is an essential part of Town of Salem Classic Mode, noting that not all jobs are available in this mode. When you’re playing Investigator, make sure you watch all of the outcomes that you get in your Will.

To make your job easier, compare your outcomes to the list of dead players.

Also, you should continuously investigate individuals that seem to be suspicious.



Escort is a Town Support profession that allows players to distract someone every evening, preventing them from performing their specific job.

Instructions for Playing Escort Effectively

Concentrate on the passings after an evening of effective job obstructing. If there are no mafia passings following a player’s hindering, you may find out a slaughtering job.

Stay away from a job of harming someone on various occasions unless you acknowledge they are a malicious job.

Serial killers may attack Escorts if you attempt to job block them, and having their name in your Will can quickly out them. So it is important to keep records in your Will.



The Veteran, one of two possible Town Killing occupations in Classic Mode, allows players to shoot anyone who visits you.

Instructions for Playing Veteran Effectively

Except if you have chosen a disputable name that distinguishes you from wicked occupations, try not to go on alert in the early game. It is dangerous to waste your alarms.

Keep your alarm going for as long as you can. You will undoubtedly be focused on when you unveil yourself. If you run out of alarms, do not notify the town that you are vacant. Your job at that point is to keep a larger role and dominate the match.



As a Medium, a player will be able to talk with dead players around evening time. This Town Support job is a lethargic job from the outset, and it ends up being significant towards the mid or late game.

To Play Medium Effectively, Follow These Step

Inquire whether they have any important facts for you to pass on to the living. Every evening, tell dead players your name so they can keep you out of any expected links and assist you narrow down suspects.

It is critical to create a significant difference in the conversation and expand their opportunity to gather more data.



The Vigilante job, the second of two potential Town Killing occupations in Classic Mode, also allows players to shoot someone. On the odd chance that they aim their shots at underhanded jobs, Vigilantes have up to three shots.

Instructions for Playing Vigilante Successfully

If the target of your shot is safe from your assault, make certain to demonstrate that info in your will.

Make sure you only shoot if you are positive that the individual being referred to is a non-city individual. Shooting a town job will result in their deaths and yours.

If someone is on the verge of casting a ballot, but their vote falls through, it may be worth shooting them.



A Framer is a Mafia Deception job that allows players to choose who they outline each evening. Being a Framer allows you to control data and have the community suspect other town residents of being devious.

To Play Framer Effectively, Follow These Steps

Casing people whose names stand out the most on the grounds that town insightful jobs will generally investigate them.

Outlining people who chat on Day 1 is generally a sure thing to outline because they are frequently looked at by insightful jobs.

Framers need to collaborate with other individuals to be incredible. Working with your Godfather and Mafioso is important.


Town of Salem roles - the executioner

The Executioner is a Neutral Evil job that grants both location and guarded invulnerability to the player. The Executioner’s goal is to get their target lynched in order to control the match. If their objective is defeated, the Executioner will transform into a Jester.

Instructions to Play Executioner Successfully

Try not to blame your target too quickly. Players will see right through your claim and conclude that you are an Executioner. It is prudent to wait until around Day 3 to guarantee Investigator and convict.

If you are pressured for your work, simply guarantee Executioner and side with the dominating component in exchange for your objective being lynched. Take advantage of the opportunity to lynch your target through an unusual vote.



Godfather is the most impressive Mafia position available in the game. This job, dubbed Mafia Killing, allows gamers to execute someone every evening. They are also granted night insusceptibility and defensive invulnerability.

Step-by-step instructions for playing Godfather

If you have to guarantee, it is best to guarantee Executioner and put out a false purpose or guarantee Sheriff because it is a simple part to imagine.

Help with lynching local town individuals in the early stages if it appears to be popular to eliminate the resistance.

Collaborate with various members of your Mafia. You may be the most impressive, but what they need to say is critical.



Mafioso, the Mafia’s second in command, is a Mafia killing job that gets direct orders from the Godfather. When the Godfather dies, the Mafioso takes over as the new Godfather.

Instructions for Playing Mafioso Successfully

Always choose an objective because if the Godfather is obstructed or imprisoned, your target will be the one killed the next day.

Have a comparable demise note as your Godfather, or swap up your passing note so that if one of you is imprisoned or your job is hampered, there is no suspension that the other has been prevented from murdering.

If your Godfather is definitely anticipating their death, begin planning the next steps with your framer. This is one of the fun Town of Salem roles.



Jester is a Neutral Evil job whose goal is to get lynched. The Jester triumphs after being lynched. When lynched, Jesters can slay players who vote liable or refuse to vote. This onslaught is unrelenting.

Instructions to Play Jester Successfully

In the event that you are outlined, use it for your potential benefit. Be dynamic in talk. However, don’t be excessively dynamic.

Staying quiet can also convince you that you are malicious. If you continue to engage in questionable behavior, players will vote you out.

Regardless of whether others urge you, continue to defend your argument. If you are up against another claimant, you have a 50% chance of getting shipped out preliminary.

Serial Killer

Serial Killer

Serial Killer is a Neutral Killing job in which players can murder someone every evening. A Serial Killer is given the unusual ability to attack a job blocker as their intended target. They also have a basic defense against attacks from other murderous jobs.

Step-by-step instructions to Play Serial Killer Successfully

If someone else is accused of being a serial killer, make every effort to keep them alive in order to demonstrate your own innocence.

If the Jester or Executioner is still alive, claim to be one of these Town of Salem roles. This will help you avoid a vote-in situation.

Execute anyone you suspect as insightful town jobs, such as an investigator or a sheriff. Another appropriate section to target quickly is Jailor.

Along with the 15 jobs mentioned above, Classic Mode includes a Random Town task that selects one random job from a list of town parts for replication. Arbitrary Town is difficult to investigate because other players will most likely regard you as suspicious. You need to keep demonstrating your value to others.


Now that you now the Town of Salem roles it’s time to start playing. We’ve also answered some common questions such as how to whisper and how to change your password in Town of Salem. Alternatively, you might like to look into these games which are like TOS.

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