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15 Games Like Town of Salem

Town of Salem is a browser-based game where players have to rely on their abilities to tell a convincing lie and detect lies to and from other players. If you have played a game called Mafia, then you should be familiar with the Town of Salem.

This game looks very simple but once you try it, you’ll realize how complex yet fun this game can be. And since no one knows who is who, the suspense and tension can be really high. You can play Town of Salem multiple times and still discover new things each time you play.

But, if you’ve played Town of Salem, a high chance is you want to try other alternatives. In this article, I have 15 more games just like Town of Salem where you can lie and detect lies to save your life.

1. The Ship: Murder Party

If you love the thrill of hunting and being hunted at the same time, you should try The Ship: Murder Party. In this game, everyone is aboard Mr. X’s luxury cruise liner for a night.

Once you’re aboard, you’re given a task to kill your target, so you must find them and kill them. You must use everything at your disposal to hide from those who are trying to kill you and hunt your target at the same time.

2. Trouble in Terrorist Town

TTT for short, this game is made in Garry’s Mod, an old and iconic game where people can make their own mods. This game is centered around a group of terrorists on a map. And within this group, there are traitors with a single mission: eliminate all terrorists.

So the theme of this game is already unique and different from most other games within the same genre. If you’re playing as a detective, you get access to a bunch of tools and gadgets. Use them effectively to hunt down the traitors before they kill you.

3. Camp Cadaver

Camp Cadaver is very similar to Town of Salem. Every player must find the truth about the Camp Cadaver or lie about some information in the game.

Players are divided into two groups: the killers or poor residents of the small town. Everyone and anyone can be a victim in this game. You must gather information to survive and help your team.

4. Status Report

Status Report is a board game and perfect for people who want to try a board game in this genre. There are 3-7 players in total and everyone partakes in a social deduction game where one player is the Captain of a starship and others are parts of the AI on the ship.

The Captain is the one responsible to find out the real AI program and save the crew and himself from rogue AIs.

5. Mafia Mystery

For iOS users, you should try Mafia Mystery. As the name suggests, it is the port of the classic mafia game, and it is completely free. 16 players can join in a game session, complete with private lobbies feature and 15 unique roles available.

6. Detective Grimoire

If you want to try a single-player version of Town of Salem, try Detective Grimoire. You’ll be playing as a detective who is investigating the murder of the owner of a small tourist attraction. Search for clues, interrogate people who are in the area, and solve some puzzles to uncover the secret in this amazing game.

7. Throne of Lies

This game is very similar to Town of Salem but comes with better graphics. 8-16 players are required to play this game.

There are over 100 abilities that you can use in this game, so you need to learn and play more if you want to win. I believe this game requires every player to play over and over again to get good.

8. EpicMafia

For the classic Mafia lovers, EpicMafia will quench your thirst for the game. EpicMafia offers 220 unique roles that you can choose and thousands of table setups as well. This game is truly the best expansion pack to Mafia today.

9. Mindnight

Mindnight is so full of action. Inspiration heavily by games like Werewolf, The Resistance, and of course Town of Salem, Mindnight brings 5-8 players in a tense and thrilling setting.

Players must use their skills in manipulation, subterfuge, and social deduction to kill or find out who the killers are. You can play with your friends via a private lobby or play with randoms via the matchmaking system.

10. The Resistance

If you’re looking for a classic board game, you should try The Resistance. Gather your friends and split them into two teams that are randomly assigned. One team is for spies and another team is for resistance members.

Spies must foil 3 out of the 5 missions that the resistance members have, while the resistance members have to carry out 3 out of 5 missions successfully. There will be a lot of finger-pointing in this game.

11. Deceit

Deceit is a new game where six players are dropped in the middle of the Game Master’s hunting grounds. Two of the players have been infected with a virus that the Game Master created. And these players must kill other noninfected players.

Noninfected players must escape three zones and reach the safety hatch. There will be very minimal communication among noninfected players, so prepare yourself to escape alone. And one more thing, the infected players can evolve and become stronger and faster.

12. One Night Werewolf

One Night Werewolf is a very simple and fast game. Gather 3-10 players and each player will get a role from a dozen of playable roles. Each role has a special ability that makes it unique to other roles. It is fun to try all the different roles and find new strategies from each game session.

13. SpyParty

SpyParty is a really fun game, and I don’t think you’ll get bored playing it. There are two teams in the game: spy and sniper.

As a spy, you must find your way into the lavish cocktail party without getting noticed and shot. While as a sniper you must find all spies, who are trying to sneak their ways into the party. I must say it is really fun to act ‘normal’ to fool the snipers.

14. Velvet Sundown

Velvet Sundown is a game just like Town of Salem and is full of tricks, secrets, and conspiracies. There are 11 other players who can join in a game session, and everyone has a different goal. Try to finish your goal as quickly as possible without letting your big secrets known.

15. Eville

Eville has nice graphics and thrilling gameplay. In Eville you can play as a killer or a villager. As a killer, you must kill all the villagers without anyone noticing. While as a villager you must try to unmask these killers while surviving. The gameplay is very simple and fun.

Play these games with friends

All these 15 games are awesome and so much fun to play with friends. Some of them are free while others are really cheap. Choose one that picks your interest and play together with everyone via online or in your house.

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