How to whisper in Town of Salem

How To Whisper In Town Of Salem

Town of Salem is a game where you’re required to be cunning and on edge at all times. If you miss a tiny detail of how other players behave, you might lose the game. If you haven’t tried the game yet, you should get it now as it is very cheap.

Anyway, I am going to talk mainly about how to whisper in Town of Salem and also about other interesting bits about the game. Another hot topic is how to change the password.

Whispering in Town of Salem

In the game, you can whisper to other players during the day, And whispers are only visible or readable to the player who is involved. So if you’re sending a whisper to Player A, only you and Player A can read the whisper. This adds another layer in the game where players can strategize with each other without leaking anything.

If you’re receiving a whisper, you’ll get a notification in the chat saying “Player A is whispering to Player B.” But that’s not all, a Blackmailer can read whispers too even after they’re dead.

To start sending a whisper to another player is very simple, type “/w [player number] [message]” in the chatbox. Then the recipient will receive the whisper immediately. To make it easier to understand, I will explain the command to you.

The command “/w” tells the game that you’re trying to send a whisper to someone. The player number tells the game who you want to whisper to. Don’t make a mistake when typing this player number, you certainly don’t want to tell your secret plan to the wrong player. Lastly, type in your message after the player number.

For example, “/w 10 Don’t kill anyone next round, okay?” As you can see, this command is very simple. And with this command, you’re sending a message to Player 11. You can also type in the player’s name if you want to, but it is much faster to use the number and minimize the risks of making a mistake.

Other things you should remember about whispering

Here are some other things that you should remember about whispering in Town of Salem:

  • A Mayor that has been revealed cannot be whispered to or whisper themselves. So don’t try to do that.
  • You cannot whisper if someone is blackmailing you.
  • Blackmailers can read whispers, be careful of this.
  • After sending a whisper to someone, you’ll receive a notification about who you are whispering to but not what you whispered.
  • You cannot whisper if you’re already dead.
  • You can only whisper during the day, so plan your whispers ahead of time.

How many players can join?

In Town of Salem, there are 7 to 15 players who can join at the same time. The more player the better as you’ll have more allies and enemies. Every player who joins the game will be assigned into random alignments, so you can’t choose yourself.

These alignments are Serial Killers, Mafia, Town, Arsonists, and Neutrals. Town members are the good guys and if you’re one, your task is hunting down the mafia and other villains before they kill you.

If you’re assigned an evil role, such as the Mafia or Serial Killer, you must murder the own members secretly in the middle of the night and try to avoid getting caught. Of course, no one knows who is who. So you must find out yourself who is a villain and who is a town member. You need to be an investigator.

In total, there are 33 unique roles. This is great as you can play the game over and over again and still finding new things to do. Before the game starts, players must gather in a lobby and wait for the host to select what Town of Salem roles will be in the game.

All roles that are chosen will be assigned to each player randomly. If this is your first time playing, don’t worry, you’ll receive an in-game role card that explains your role’s alignments and abilities.


If you’ve been playing Town of Salem for a while, you might also be looking for other games like Town of Salem. Anyway, Town of Salem is a fun game, and you can play it with your friends or random people on the internet.

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